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A fresh approach to sharing a superyacht – Curvelle Syndicate Ownership

Mon, July 09, 2012

First in-build Curvelle set for multi-owner use

There have been many attempts to launch shared ownership into the world of superyachting by everything from timeshare to fractional ownership, but Yachtmarketing Limited, who are behind the new ‘Curvelle’ luxury power ‘Super-Catamaran’, have taken a fresh approach (see the FAQs panel). Before exploring the benefits of the syndicate ownership programme let us look at the perfect superyacht to deliver this new approach.

First in the series, the Curvelle ‘quaranta’

The vision is fast taking shape at the Curvelle shipyard in Tuzla, Istanbul and on time for completion in early 2013. The first in a series, quaranta is a luxury superyacht that, as a catamaran, is more stable, cost effective to run, more spacious, more environmentally friendly, faster than a monohull yacht with the same engine power and above all extremely stylish. Everything about the quaranta is carefully thought out, maximising the deck spaces and the internal volume. Unusually large windows fill the guest cabins with light and the unique flexible accommodation areas can transform the yacht for each cruise or mix of guests. Take a ‘Curvelle quaranta virtual tour’ .

For more information on the Curvelle ‘quaranta’ see a specification

Flexible accommodation is the key for syndicate ownership

With a clean sheet of paper and a very clear set of business objectives, the Curvelle project began. First came the yacht design and importantly the configuration. It had to be roomy, fast, efficient and compact and deliver to its owners a truly luxurious yacht at an impressive price point. With syndicate ownership there is an optimum number of part owners that can take maximum advantage of the windows of operational time. This number is seven syndicate shares for a year-round, Mediterranean-plus-Caribbean operation. After careful market research into the overall costings for the syndicate operation, the figures settled on a syndicate share marketed at €1.575m each. This sum is equivalent to buying a typical new VAT paid and equipped 55ft motor cruiser. For the same cost a Curvelle syndicate participant can enjoy luxury yachting in a 34m superyacht and being a catamaran it is as big as a 40m performance monohull.

Curvelle quaranta swim/beach/tender platform

One of the smart features is the way the accommodation can be easily configured for each syndicate user. The two hulls create a wide platform for the four decks and the whole interior is very comparable to a 40-42m monohull especially if you look at the flexible accommodation on the main deck, something you will not find on any other 40m yacht. The twin hulls create a massive swim platform not found on yachts the size of the ‘quaranta’. When it is raised it is the tender deck and when lowered it becomes the beach club. It is big enough for a small submarine and perfect for easy wheelchair access.

The six generously sized double cabins can be re-configured into three VIP suites or more than twenty other combinations, with just a few hours notice for the crew. See how we quickly change the cabin layout. These main-deck cabins allow for huge windows, each 2.75m long and almost one metre high, making each cabin a virtual day-time suite if you want some personal time.

Curvelle quaranta panoramic cabin views

One of the key selling features of the ‘quaranta’ is the exceptionally large windows, see for yourself in the virtual tour (see link above). Unusually large for a 34m yacht, the RINA classification for the windows allows Atlantic passages with paying guests as opposed to a restriction to 50nm from the coast.

More information on the syndicate ownership scheme


So what is syndicate ownership?
Let’s start with what it is not.

Not Timeshare:

In simple terms ‘timeshare’ is exactly that. You buy some time entitlement to a proposition. You have no ownership of assets or equity and are making a payment in advance for rental of asset units.

Not Fractional Ownership:

Fractional companies run schemes where the investor purchases a share in an asset that remains within the fractional organisation which then determines how an asset is used. The fractional owner has a relationship solely with the fractional company. Fractional companies are a for-profit operation.

Syndicate Ownership:

In the case of Curvelle Syndicate Ownership, the Syndicate yachts are ready prepared for syndicate purchasing and operation. Individual syndicate owners own an equal share in each yacht and determine how it will be used. The primary relationship in the syndicate is with the other owners. The syndicate is fully portable but can use the services and support of Yachtmarketing Ltd as required.

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