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Curvelle quaranta launched

Sat, March 02, 2013

On Saturday February 23rd at 3.30 am Motoryacht quaranta was taken out of the Tuzla shipyard shed on to the public road by a huge trailer capable of transporting goods up to three hundred tons. It was ready to commence the 3KM journey to the RMK shipyard for launching.

In the shed ready to leave

Leaving the shed

Leaving the shed

On the main road

The trailer was taken on to the main road which previously had been sealed off by the local police force. Some street lights and signs had to be removed in order to allow for the nine meter beam transport. The municipality workers were very kind to help us out at these early hours of the morning. A cherry picker crane was available to remove some branches of trees that were obstructing the path.

road to launch

In some places it was very tight with parked cars and street signs, some of which had to be temporarily moved.

Tight spot

Signs on the way

At 6AM Saturday morning the Curvelle quaranta arrived at RMK shipyard for the mounting of the Bimini top and mast.

At the entrance to RMK

The following day, on Sunday Morning 10.45 quaranta was christened by Susan Mackintosh, wife of Luuk V. van Zanten


Christening of Curvelle “quaranta”

“quaranta” maiden voyage from RMK Shipyard to Pendik marina.

Curvelle would like to thank Logos Marine and the many other companies involved in the development and construction of this fantastic superyacht.

High Resolution Press images can be downloaded from here

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