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Fractional syndication – leverage for your yachting investment

Thu, June 06, 2013

Curvelle has been pioneering a new approach to yacht ownership – the fractional syndicate.  So what’s that all about?

Essentially, it’s a refined form of the long-established fractional ownership model, but with a twist. It’s designed entirely from the perspective of the buyer, rather than as a way of maximising sales revenue by subdividing the sale of a costly asset like a super-yacht. The key difference lies in setting up an owners syndicate for each yacht that is legally independent of Curvelle – or any other business.

What’s the overwhelming advantage of a fractional syndicate for large yacht ownership? LEVERAGE.

You work hard for your money. Today, with minimal investment returns and shrinking margins, your money needs to work even harder to provide you and your family with the hard-earned relaxation you deserve. That’s where the leveraging power of a syndicate comes into its own. With Curvelle, you combine the buying power of eight shareholders with a syndicate agreement specifically drawn up to maximise your personal freedom of control and usage. You own a yacht with a far higher specification than you would otherwise obtain at the same cost, eliminate ownership chores, get the usage you personally want, and retain the same control as you’d have with a smaller boat on your own.

Leverage your capital outlay – get far more yacht for your money.

Imagine seven people each spending a million Euros on an 18 metre motor yacht. Each of those 8 yachts will probably be left in a marina most of the time – maybe as much as 50 weeks a year. But for the same total capital, together the eight can buy a Curvelle super-yacht. Each individual 18m. yacht will have comfortable berths for maybe 6 people, and possibly a couple of bunk spaces. A Curvelle has 6 double staterooms for 12 guests, plus below-decks accommodation for 6 crew.

If you double the length of a conventional boat you get about 4 times the deck spaces. Add decks and you double it again each time. Because Curvelle is a catamaran, its guest spaces go up fast  – our 34m catamaran has 4 decks and is roughly equivalent to a 40m mono-hull.  So the ratio of space from an individual-owned 18m. yacht to a syndicate-owned Curvelle is typically between six and eight to one. Seven times the space for the same capital? That can’t be bad. Alternatively, you might be in a position to order a super-yacht outright. To accommodate 12 guests in 6 full staterooms and have a maximum cruising speed of 21 knots will probably cost upwards of 20 million Euros. In which case, wouldn’t putting 18 million of that to work elsewhere be useful? The same facilities, for only 8% of the investment? Now that’s real leverage!

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