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Honey, I shrank the costs!

Wed, June 15, 2011

Super-yacht ownership, but small boat prices.

Everyone knows that keeping a yacht going is expensive – and a super-yacht is super-expensive.  Keeping a yacht with 6 crew on year-round, transatlantic cruising availability is something which was available only to the super-rich.  But Curvelle’s newly developed “fractional syndicate” ownership model makes it accessible to many more people, by relating what an owner pays for running expenses directly to the use they actually make of the yacht.

More high season use costs more. Less use, or off season = less cost. But in any case, it’s only a fraction of the total.

The owners are members of a private syndicate that owns the yacht, so can obviously split both the initial purchase and running costs between them.  But individuals have different needs and desires, not just to each other but personally from year to year.  A Curvelle syndicate starts with a budget for the actual cost of running the yacht which is known to every member, just as an individual owner knows his boat’s costs.  A pre-agreed formula distributes costs to owners, with some costs fixed according to shareholding in the syndicate, and others according to usage. Low users also see their costs fall as any otherwise unused time may be chartered out.

The result – super-yacht cruising that gives the best of all worlds.  Typical costs for ownership of a super-yacht fall to those of a self-catered motor cruiser, and are way below that of chartering equivalent cruising vacation time.

With of freedom of choice of over your personal schedule and division of the big numbers between all the partners, a Curvelle syndicate member has an unparalleled combination of maximum owner benefits, and costs that are both predictable and controllable.  Curvelle shrank the cost of super-yachting – not the enjoyment!

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