power catamarans for sale and fractional ownership

Because you expect more,
we created Curvelle.

With more luxurious comfort, space and remarkable performance, Curvelle power catamarans are the future of cruising.

Come with us.

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Curvelle luxury power catamarans are created with the twin pleasures of absolute comfort and unbeatable performance always in sight. Our yachts cruise equally well at speeds between 10 and 24 knots and, because of their highly efficient hull design, use far less engine power and fuel. And with about 50% more space to play with than a comparable monohull, a Curvelle is in a class of its own.

Enjoy all the pleasure of a superyacht at a fraction of the commitment. Expect more and spend a lot less as a member of an owners' syndicate.

For 1.575.000 Euros you will co-own the yacht with six other members of a private syndicate. As part owner of a brand new Curvelle quaranta, you can cruise for five weeks in the Med and Caribbean every year, and benefit from the syndicate's charters.

For10.655.000 Euros you can own the whole yacht - fully equipped, turn key.

Learn more about the Curvelle quaranta power catamaran in a video interview by Superyachttimes,this August in Tuzla, Turkey

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