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Mehmet Yurdakul - Curvelle power catamarans

Project management

Mehmet Yurdakul (Turkish) started working in yacht building immediately after graduating as a Naval Architect & Marine Engineer from Technical University of Istanbul in 1999 and took responsibilities as project engineer, planning and procurement manager, chief design engineer, project manager and technical manager at well known Turkish yards for a variety of projects. He engineered and managed some special projects from 40 Ft composite water jet propelled fast day cruisers to cold-molded one off 110 Ft triple screwed fast sports fisherman along with conventional displacement motor yachts of steel hull and composite superstructure.
As being experienced in different types of boats built by traditional (one-off cold molded, steel) or modern (vacuum infusion) methods, he also had the chance to manage and take important decisions in multinational projects abroad Turkey.
He couldn’t resist joining the Curvelle team after noticing the challenge of building a carbon-hybrid composite super yacht catamaran and passed his toughest test while building quaranta.
Mehmet is the project manager of the Curvelle range of yachts.

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