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Steve Last - Curvelle power catamarans

Syndicate ownership manager

Steve (British) finished a 35-year career as the most senior pilot on British Airways Boeing 747 fleet. As well as being heavily involved in the technical development of advanced airliners, in 1980 he set up the first of a number of private syndicates to share ownership of vacation properties in the US, Europe and Caribbean.

In 2000 he started a new company, using methods refined over many years to enable private individuals to optimize utilization and cost-efficiency when owning high cost assets such as luxury yachts and villas. Steve's particular emphasis on the importance of owner freedom and control over shared assets led Luuk van Zanten to ask him to set up Curvelle's unique custom-made scheme for syndicate ownership of luxury yachts.

Steve is responsible for the Syndicate ownership setup and management.

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