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Stable and spacious

more comfort

Two hulls give the Curvelle quaranta more stability and an abundance of space and natural light on higher decks. That means we've been able to build six spacious guest staterooms on the quaranta’s main deck, and a magnificent saloon and dining area on the deck above.

Each stateroom boasts incredible large picture windows to enjoy the view.

Fwdmastersuite2 Fwdmastersuitestb1 Fwdmastersuiteport2 Aftportsuite1 Aftportsuite2 Fwdportsuite2 Fwdportsuitebedrise Masterensuite3 Quaranta aft deck Saloon deck lounge Saloon and dining room quaranta dining room and saloon Twin bed configuration Twin bed configuration Fwdportsuitebedrise2
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