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Shared Ownership Finances

Just you and six other members.

No complications, no fancy arrangements. No small print.

It's as simple as it can get.

If, like most owners, you'll use your yacht for just one month per year, a share in a quaranta yacht syndicate will offer you facilities comparable to a €20,000,000 yacht at a fraction of the price.

Financial - Curvelle power catamarans

Syndicate set-up

• There are just seven shares. Members can buy more than one share.
• Members are the sole parties to an agreement to share ownership and use of the yacht.
• Once all seven shares are sold, Curvelle only supplies services on a renewable annual contract.
• A tax-efficient Isle of Man company will hold title to the yacht on members' behalf.
• The yacht is completely ring-fenced against outside claims.
• The due-diligence process is simple due to complete transparency.

Initial outlay

• Joining a syndicate means less initial capital needed to acquire your superyacht.
• The price per member is the turn-key yacht divided by seven (14.3 percent).
• The down payment to reserve a share is €150,000.
• Lease financing of a syndicate share may be available via Curvelle.

Running costs

• Costs to run the yacht are divided between all seven members, with transparency, equity and fairness paramount.
• Members approve a detailed annual operating budget, estimated to be just under €1.5m. That covers everything, except fuel, food and drinks.
• You pay for what you use: whoever uses the yacht more will pay a greater share.
• Income from chartering unused time is shared in the same way. Less use means more income to set against your cost share.

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For more details about becoming a fractional owner, simply contact us.