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Cruise in five-star luxury on a Curvelle catamaran.

At a fraction of the price you would normally expect.

Curvelle luxury yacht syndicate membership gives you the freedom to choose, with all the joys of yacht ownership and none of the headaches.

You don't need any yachting experience. Together with management company Hill Robinson, we take care of everything, from hiring crew to to providing five star service.

Syndicate Yacht Program - Curvelle power catamarans

Who are the members?

When you buy a share in a Curvelle catamaran , you'll join a tiny, select group of like-minded people in your own private, exclusive club.

For years, smart money has invested in luxury assets like racehorses – now you can do the same with the quaranta, the most innovative yacht in decades.

Yacht syndicate features

• The right yacht and the ideal programme for sharing its use.
• Great design and shared-usage features.
• Owner-centred organisation for the best sharing agreement.
• Super-yacht owner's privileges at a motor-boat buyer's costs.

Curvelle Syndicate benefits

Enjoy a better yacht

Own a yacht with a higher specification than you could buy alone for the same cost.

Retain complete control

Keep the same control as you'd have with your own yacht.

Set your own itinerary

Choose dates and destinations to suit yourself and your guests – holidays exactly how you want them.

Have your own crew

Vacation with your own personal crew  to look after you and your family and friends.

Flexible usage and costs

If you're too busy to use your yacht, let family or friends use it – or see your cost share drop appropriately.

Protect your interests

Transparent operational and financial reporting, giving you complete peace of mind.

Forget about ownership chores

We take care of maintenance, crew management, logistics and all the other downsides.

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