Curvelle power catamaran design

Curvelle power catamarans - A visionary company

In 2004, we began putting together a team of the finest naval architects and specialist catamaran designers. Our vision? To create yachts that will change cruising forever.

Over the last decade, there's been a real buzz in commercial markets about the benefits of catamarans over monohulls. For very good reasons. Catamarans are simply more efficient and far more stable.

After studying the commercial markets we applied what we'd learnt.

Which is why Curvelle yachts offer you and your guests far more valuable space than a conventional monohull. They're a lot more comfortable on the water and unbeatable when it comes to performance, range and fuel economy.

So a Curvelle Yacht really is something special.

Our designs are also tried and tested, so we've already overcome any challenges. And we're able to deliver very high quality yachts in less time and more economically than a conventional monohull.

If you expect more, it's time you found out about Curvelle.