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Fractional Yachts- More yacht for your money. Far more control than other fractional ownership programs. Real freedom to customize your yacht to suit you and your guests.

Curvelle syndicate yacht ownership is the smarter way to enjoy the luxury motor-yacht lifestyle with a fraction of the commitment

The concept

Now you can enjoy all the pleasures of a luxury motor-yacht lifestyle with only a fraction of the commitment. Curvelle quaranta's syndicate owners' scheme gets rid of cost barriers and hassles, but retains the great feeling that you own a luxury yacht outright, much more than any other method of shared ownership. At the same time the revolutionary cabin design of Curvelle luxury motor-yachts offers you real flexibility and pure comfort.

So things are always just how you and your guests like them.

Curvelle quaranta brochure (pdf)

the yacht

The Curvelle luxury motor-yacht catamaran is created for absolute comfort and unbeatable performance. Our naval architects, Incat Crowther of Sydney, Australia, are the most experienced in the power catamaran industry over 100 feet. Curvelle-Logos is a dynamic production yard in Istanbul, Turkey, with a focus on engineering and carbon epoxy composites.

Our yachts cruise equally well at speeds between 10 and 24 knots and, because of their highly efficient hull design, use far less engine power and fuel. And with about 50% more space to play with than a comparable monohull, a Curvelle is in a class of its own.

the principle

Our unique private yacht owners syndicate for the quaranta enables you to buy one or more seventh share in a luxury Curvelle 33.7 metre power catamaran.

A management company services and crews the yacht on your behalf and you share in the running costs. The carefully selected, highly skilled crew is made of up of a captain, engineer, two stewardesses, chef and a deckhand.

Your share guarantees you three weeks summer cruising in the Mediterranean and two in the Caribbean winter season every year, plus a part of the proceeds from charters when the members aren't using the yacht.

Simple as that

the freedom

A Curvelle syndicate membership is all about offering you the freedom that comes with the luxury motor-yacht lifestyle and none of the restrictions. So you can pretty much decide to cruise at any time in either season.
Personal items are safely stored and put back in their rightful place before your trip.

And, because of the quaranta's unique design, the yacht's six double cabins can be swiftly changed to three suites or a combination of twin cabins depending on the wishes of you and your guests.

So, whenever you cruise, you really are in your own space

the difference

Private syndicate membership is different to other "fractional yacht ownership" schemes. You may well have discovered that many fractional ownership schemes are more geared to benefiting the sales organisation running them. The biggest difference: in those schemes the "owner's" relationship is primarily with the organisation, and it lays down the rules. In a syndicate, you and your fellow owners make the rules. Together you have complete control over your yacht, and the company that owns it.

You choose when you want to cruise - not the sales or management organisation.

And, when it comes to value, our use of intelligent design and smarter construction methods means you get far more yacht for your money.

the choice

More yacht for your money. Far more control than most "fractional yacht ownership" schemes. Real freedom to customize your yacht to suit you and your guests.

No wonder Curvelle syndicate ownership is leading the way.
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