Curvelle motor catamaran design, engineering and development team

Luuk V. van Zanten

Founder, developer & marketing director 

Luuk (Dutch) enjoys over two decades experience as a Yacht Consultant in new construction and pre-owned superyachts over 25 meters. Originally from Holland, where in his spare time at age 14, he fixed up and sold sailing dinghies and catamarans. Luuk moved to Spain at age 21, where he gained experience working for the yacht brokerage companies Castlemain, (Marbella) and Camper & Nicholsons, (Palma de Mallorca + Cannes)

In 1986 > 1998, Luuk founded and managed De Valk Yachts Spain S.L. During 1987 – 2007 he collaborated with Cheoy Lee Shipyards (China + USA) on new construction projects for the European market. 

During a break from the yachting business, he completed two Masters degrees. Marketing and Communication at IEDE, Madrid Business School and an MBA degree at the University of Chicago graduate school of business administration. His Marketing thesis subject was on Fractional Yacht Ownership. Before his return to the yachting business he used his expertise for business consulting projects. 

In 2004 Luuk founded YachtMarketing Ltd. to focus on the market niche of large Motor Yacht Catamarans. In 2006 Luuk secured a substantial amount of venture capital from a business partner to develop and contract superyachts on speculation. 

> Luuk is responsible for the business development and marketing of the Curvelle range of yachts.

Andrew Tuite & Incat Crowther

> Naval Architect - specialising in power catamarans

Incat Crowther (Australian) is the result of a merger of Incat Designs (Sydney) and Crowther Design, two of the world's foremost designers of high speed and displacement catamaran vessels.

Incat Crowther's Technical Director Andrew Tuite is the Naval Architect in charge of the Curvelle quaranta project. Incat Crowther are renowned for their extensive experience in efficient hulls hulls and are responsible for a large majority of superyacht catamarans  recently delivered or currently under construction in many different parts of the world.


The LOGOS management team of Naval Architects (Turkey) has over 50 years of combined experience in yacht construction, including design, supervision and building yachts from 12 to 70m, most of them to Classification Society approval. Located in Tuzla, Istanbul, they have experience building in all modern materials and the installation of reliable, top quality systems.

>LOGOS is the construction partner for Curvelle. They are responsible for the engineering, project and construction management of the Curvelle quaranta. Logos manages the construction with their own team and some of the best subcontractors available in Turkey. All of whom are also contracted by other local yards such as for example Perini Navi- Yildiz; Proteksan Turquoise and RMK.

Mauro Giamboi

Mauro Giamboi

>Exterior design

Mauro Giamboi (Italian) is responsible for the exterior design of the Curvelle quaranta, cinquanta and sessanta. A highly talented designer based in Italy and Turkey. Mauro has an impressive background and skillset that ranges from digital sculpting of superyachts to composing movie sound tracks in his spare time. Mauro previously worked for Bannenberg Design. Curvelle gave Mauro the challenge to sculpt a catamaran platform into a great looking yacht. It is in his honour that Curvelle decided to give its line of yachts Italian names and flair. Until March 2012 Mauro worked with Lila - Lou.


Alex Isaac, Kimberly Williams (LILA-LOU LONDON)

>Interior design

Alex Isaac (British) is a highly skilled Interior Designer based in the United Kingdom. Alex was previously employed as project director for  Bannenberg Design in London, where he spent seven productive years of his career.   Alex is a third generation interior designer and a partner in Lila-Lou which he runs with Kimberly Williams (USA). They were responsible for the interior styling and project managed the interior of the Curvelle quaranta. Alex also designed the exterior spaces and travelled many times to Turkey for decisions on material samples and to oversee the interior work in progress. Kimberly is responsible for many of the interior decoration ideas and sourcing.

Luc Vernet

> 3D Design & Rendering

Luc (French) is a Yacht Designer with a tremendous amount of experience. His over 350 renders and 13 scale models during the concept design phase of the quaranta were extremely valuable as a design tool.

Even before the advantages of Motor Catamarans were accepted in the commercial vessel industry, Luc designed and built the NAG 118; a luxury motor yacht catamaran, which was very fast, innovative and futuristic for its time.

Luc has been closely involved in superyacht construction projects in France, Thailand (Mirabella IV + Universal 40m) and China. The Curvelle quaranta has benefitted greatly from his many creative ideas, passion for perfection and tireless energy.

>Luc is responsible for the 3D design coordination and numerous renderings and animations of the Curvelle range of yachts.

Colin Faulkner

> Master Mariner & Project Manager

Colin (British) has three decades experience as a master mariner navigating the world’s best cruising grounds as a Captain. One of the highlights of his career was when he sailed the 53m three-masted schooner SHENANDOAH, from the Mediterranean to Japan.

>Colin is a maritime consultant to Curvelle and amongst other things advisor for the “ship shape” ergonomics of the Curvelle quaranta..

Steve Last

Syndicate ownership manager

Steve (British) finished a 35-year career as the most senior pilot on British Airways Boeing 747 fleet. As well as being heavily involved in the technical development of advanced airliners, in 1980 he set up the first of a number of private syndicates to share ownership of vacation properties in the US, Europe and Caribbean.

In 2000 he started a new company, using methods refined over many years to enable private individuals to optimize utilization and cost-efficiency when owning high cost assets such as luxury yachts and villas. Steve's particular emphasis on the importance of owner freedom and control over shared assets led Luuk van Zanten to ask him to set up Curvelle's unique custom-made scheme for syndicate ownership of luxury yachts.

> Steve is responsible for the Syndicate ownership setup and management.

Robert Martin

>Syndicate Share Sales

Robert (British) is a chartered marketeer, with experience of fractional and shared ownership schemes in a wide variety of fields, including; property, investments and yachts.

Robert studied at the London Business School before becoming CEO in 2006 of a UK Public Limited Company (CBA Plc.) advising companies and individuals on fund raising and shared ownership schemes. Born into a naval family, he has always had a love of boats and the sea. Originally from Portsmouth, England but now residing in Gibraltar, where you are never more than a minute from the water.

> Robert is responsible for syndicate ownership sales in the Curvelle Quaranta.

Kevin Ralph

>USA Sales

Kevin Ralph (British/American) – Has over 25 years of experience in new and used yacht sales. Based in Fort Lauderdale FL. USA, the "Yachting Capital of the Americas", Kevin started his love affair with the sea when at 16 he joined the British Merchant Navy as a navigating Cadet.

After coming ashore, he has honed his skills in a diverse array of new construction projects on 3 continents, as well as introducing new boat lines into the US market, including Pershing Yachts, in the 1990's, (prior to their acquisition by Ferretti Group).

As an advocate and owner of power catamarans he brings a well rounded knowledge base to the team, spearheading the sales and marketing efforts in the Americas on behalf of Curvelle. With more focus on being able to run vessels as efficiently and economically as possible, while retaining speed, styling and practicality, Kevin believes that power catamarans will start to make large inroads into an area that has until now, been dominated by semi-displacement monohulls.

> Kevin is the Curvelle sales representative for USA